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Spotted Properties offers Hamilton landlords and investors the best solutions for maximizing returns. We offer consultation and management services to assist clients with project development and property management needs.

We pride ourselves on transparency and client satisfaction through the entire process, taking on everything from finding investment opportunities to managing any necessary renovations and repairs. After finding potential property investments, we will negotiate deals for suitable ventures and evaluate the selected project to achieve ideal costs and returns.

As an experienced property management company in Hamilton, we provide outstanding rental experiences for tenants and profitable investment experiences for landlords. With Spotted Properties’ specialized and comprehensive services, our clients can expect to maximize return on investment without getting distracted from their sales goals.
Spotted Properties Inc. provides consultation and management services to assist clients with their development and project & property management needs while producing an optimal return. In order to make an investment profitable for clients, Spotted Properties Inc. Guides the clients through each step and takes on the following responsibilities:
1) Finding and analyzing investment opportunities for maximum gain
2) Visiting and negotiating deals for suitable ventures
3) Evaluation, due diligence and research of selected project
4) Business planning and structuring of investment to project costs and returns
5) Management of renovation & repairs or alternative project requirements
6) Provide and exercise exit strategies & contingencies if required
7) Property management if a client decides to keep the property
“Spotted Properties is great. The Spotted Properties team is quick to respond as a property management company and are clear and concise when I need answers. They treat my property as their own and are able to consistently sign tenants year after year. Best experience ever.”
Edward Chan

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Spotted Properties is dedicated to the principle of equal access for people with disabilities in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and HUD guidelines. Please contact us at  admin@spottedproperties.ca  or call  (905) 527-3333  should you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding any accessibility issues.